Mini-Tournament Results
Miniature tournaments were run throughout the event, with entries available whenever qualifying was open. Each mini tournament cost $5 to enter, and prizes varied, including T-shirts, watches, model Harley bikes, and a selection of backglass translites provided by Stern Pinball.

The final results of each mini tournament are shown here.

Telerama Jedi Knight Shoot-Out
Best one-ball score on Star Wars: Episode I

Winner: Darren Kamnitzer
Score: 68,020,760

Vintage Game
Best three-ball score on Space Station

Winner: Paul Madison
Score: 9,002,200

Charity One-Handed
Best one-handed three-ball score on Maverick
proceeds to the ADRC

Winner: John Miller
Score: 1,253,360,330

Best three-ball score on Creature From The Black Lagoon
each player controls one flipper at all times

Winner: Paul Madison and Jason Werdrick
Score: 378,405,490

Two-Minute Drill
Best score in two minutes of play on Big Hurt

Winner: Alberto Santana
Score: 164,724,560